Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What the Children Want To Do Before School Is Over!

With only 8 days of school left, the children have made a list of things they want to do before school ends for the summer (their bucket list). We have been crossing things off the list, but some things we will need your help in achieving. The scheduled main events that you need to know about are: they have requested an ice cream party, pizza day, popcorn and movies, pajama day, and water day.

Thursday 5/21- Ice Cream Party Day

Wednesday 5/27 - Water Day - wear swimsuits/sunscreen to school, bring towel w/name

Monday 6/1 - Pizza Day

Tuesday 6/2 - Pajama Day/Popcorn/Movie- wear pajamas to school

Wednesday 6/3 - Last Day of School

Friday- Vic 6/5 Vic-Nic
Families are invited to attend this event which is run and sponsored by the PTT. Since school is over, children are monitored by parents. Barbara Vick staff will be closing down the classrooms.

Today we had a Guest Chef in the morning class. Miss Llora and Bridget made us strawberry/granola parfaits. During center time both classes cut out butterflies, played with playdough and puzzles. During small group, we completed a math work sheet. To prepare the children for Kindergarten, we will be asking them to complete worksheets for the next 2 weeks. The afternoon class had bananas for snack.

No School on Friday and Monday. Ms. Amy will be enjoying the mountains of Colorado with her family until Tuesday. She promises to return for Water Day on Wednesday 5/27.

Ms. Elma

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