Monday, April 20, 2009

10 Year Anniversary- Friday 3-5pm

This week in class we will be talking about our School's 10 Year Anniversary. The children made invitations today. We will be decorating our classroom with a banner, and voting on what color flowers and balloons we will have for our classroom refreshment table. On Friday, we will be serving cake and cookies! There will be dancing in the playground with Mr. Ed DJ'ing the top hits of Barbara Vick. I wonder how many times Freeze Dance will be played?

We hope your entire family can join in our celebration. If you know any past alumni of Barbara Vick School, please spread the word and invite them to our 10 Year Anniversary.

We celebrated Bridget's 4th birthday today in the morning class! She donated the book, Purpleliscious and handed out gold fish treats, thank you! Both AM and PM class chose Purpleliscious for story time. We sang/danced to Baby Fish (AM) and Sticky Bubblegum (PM).

Please come in and view our new Clay Exhibit. The exhibit showcases sculptures that the children created independently. We will continue to offer clay/sculpting as a choice during center time. Not all have chosen to sculpt but we will continue to encourage everyone to participate. Working with clay is very challenging because it requires technique and finger strength and finger control, skills needed for writing. Please encourage or ask your child if he/or she has made a sculpture.

Ms. Elma

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